Trying Other Frameworks

So I wanted to run away from Unity and since I also discovered that Processing is not the ideal framework for me, I decided to do a little investigation and find out what other frameworks would suit me.

So I have decided to invest some time in two:

  1. SFML – This is so that I get to grips with C++, which at the moment is far from what I thought it was. SFML is potentially a very good framework, but the reason I have a hard time with it is because of my own shortcomings in C++. That being said, the more the reason for me to persist at it and try to get something done soon with it. It ticks all the boxes I feel are necessary for a good game framework (Wide adoption, maturity, multi platform exports, not unity!)
  2. LibGDX -Now this one is the one I have invested a little more time into. In the same way as SFML, it has wide adoption, some maturity, it can export to different platforms and it’s not unity. Additionally, its in Java and it’s not LWJGL although it seems to be based on it a lot.

So what better way to test a framework for size, other than to do a game on it and see how it goes.

So the decision was to make a remake of a Atari Classic once again and go with a Skiing which is a type of game I have never done before.

So far I can honestly say that its been a bit complicated since the documentation is a bit scattered all over the place. The main website doesn’t have much and it mostly points to a wiki on github. Some of its tools and libraries (box2d etc) are also documented elsewhere because they have been set as independent libraries. Then the next best thing to learn from is this site which helped me substantially.

And that’s all for now. I’ll keep these posts updated when the game is out.