Latest News [July 2018]

Hey all,
So I have been working more extensively with Godot engine. I even went for a couple of jams and whatnot, but it does take a little bit of time to get something done so I have not much to show at the moment.

I also partnered up with Matt Emerson who is helping me out with some designs, even thought we are on different sides of the big pond.

We have been working on a couple of games and I’ll keep everyone updated on whats going on as soon as I have any visuals.

Also, I have started a discord Channel the other day. Its pretty empty at the moment, but I intend to get a few more people over when games get going in a more serious fashion.
Here’s the link for anyone who fancy adding it:

Thats all for now. Keep safe and see you soon!

Well that was a mistake

Hello everyone.

I did a noob mistake. I started polishing before the mechanics. Also, I switched engines 3 times during the construction phase.

I dont think I have to say that I almost had to give up.

But **then** an idea has strike and I’m working on it since yesterday – Why not make it a text-based, turn-based, “swim & kill-a-guy” game?

More updates as soon as I have them.

Pub breakfast first. Then onwards with this.

Notes of the alternative version


It’s like combining swimming and strangle a guy.

I got one!

Many years ago I almost memorised the whole standup routine.
Now its the perfect time to put that image in practice.

LD41 – How do you combine the uncombinable?

So the theme is out and its: “Combine 2 incompatible genres”

I mean, the problem is that even if you get 2 good ideas, you will eventually make it into a crappy one. Also, it sounds like a lot of work for just 6 hours.

mmmmm… I’ll give myself 4 more hours until I come up with something.

Ludum Dare 41

Am I going to participate?

You’re goddamn right I will!

This time I may even change my loyal Unity engine for Godot 3.0.

I’ll keep you guys posted on wether this was a good move or not 🙂

See you at


So last weekend I did another “game”.

I’m not very proud of this one technically.

I believe that it was a good interpretation of the theme from the Jam, but the technical development could have had more polish.

I ran out of time, didn’t take the project very seriously and felt like quitting a few times.

Having said that, I present to you, Malabar – You are a Juggler.


Let me know your thoughts!


Ludum Dare 40

So I’ll be doing something at the very last-minute for Ludum Dare 40.

Its Christmas and I need to brush up on my skills. The themes seem fairly good this time which means I’m either very hungry to build a game or the themes are actually good.

The last one was a bit crappy as I remember.

Let’s keep it playful then!


Hi everyone!
Did you miss me?
I sure missed you!
I had to take some time out in order to get a job and get some more money to pay for my game dev habits.

So now that I have a job, I need to spend all my time learning the tools for the job so I can have less stressful days, so I can get home with some mental space to kick some game dev again.

In a nutshell the next few days I should be working on “Boxing”, and see how I am for the 18th of December date.

Hopefgully my job won’t throw me a lot of deadlines at that time and I’ll be able to get some not-too-buggy-version out for you guys with android.

Finger crossed!

See ya soon!

Boxing – Back to the grind

And I’m back to working on “Boxing”.

Sometimes its good to have several unfinished projects so you don’t get cabin fever.

The good news is that I managed to get a new IDE and so I’m using Visual Studio for this instead of the dreadful Monodevelop.

The plan for today is to redo the AI and potentially add controls for mobile. 

Trying Other Frameworks

So I wanted to run away from Unity and since I also discovered that Processing is not the ideal framework for me, I decided to do a little investigation and find out what other frameworks would suit me.

So I have decided to invest some time in two:

  1. SFML – This is so that I get to grips with C++, which at the moment is far from what I thought it was. SFML is potentially a very good framework, but the reason I have a hard time with it is because of my own shortcomings in C++. That being said, the more the reason for me to persist at it and try to get something done soon with it. It ticks all the boxes I feel are necessary for a good game framework (Wide adoption, maturity, multi platform exports, not unity!)
  2. LibGDX -Now this one is the one I have invested a little more time into. In the same way as SFML, it has wide adoption, some maturity, it can export to different platforms and it’s not unity. Additionally, its in Java and it’s not LWJGL although it seems to be based on it a lot.

So what better way to test a framework for size, other than to do a game on it and see how it goes.

So the decision was to make a remake of a Atari Classic once again and go with a Skiing which is a type of game I have never done before.

So far I can honestly say that its been a bit complicated since the documentation is a bit scattered all over the place. The main website doesn’t have much and it mostly points to a wiki on github. Some of its tools and libraries (box2d etc) are also documented elsewhere because they have been set as independent libraries. Then the next best thing to learn from is this site which helped me substantially.

And that’s all for now. I’ll keep these posts updated when the game is out.